Shaping the future with Swisspuls

Christian Capatt
Verwaltungsrat / Leiter strategische Geschäftsentwicklung, Auratel

Additional drivers are needed in the fast lane.

How the innovative and traditional company Auratel is gearing up for the future and its new digital platform 3.0 with regard to talent.

Auratel moves in a fast-moving industry where technologies come and go. The Auratel brand remains and has been a service provider for well-known customers such as SAP, Miele, IBM, Pfizer, etc. for over 40 years. Auratel develops innovative solutions for companies so that the processes and management of their mobile devices are secure, standardized and automated. This allows businesses to concentrateon the essentials of their enterprise.

Auratel is shaping the future with Swisspuls

Auratel quickly recognized the potential of Swisspuls and secured the services early on. The latest innovation of a far-reaching digital platform at Auratel lifts the company to a new service dimension. With foresight, it was important for Auratel to also sustainably upgrade itself in talent identification and positioning. It was important to the Board of Directors and owner Christian Capatt to incorporate the great family culture in the hiring process and to carry it outward as talent branding. The company is looking for “co-creators” in order to bring the company forward together, with everyone helping actively outside their own area.

"Co-creator" Swisspuls as a new talent partner at Auratel.

As a small company with large customers, it is important to find the right talent with the right attitude. After interacting with several recruiting agencies, Auratel wanted a provider that could meet all their needs while being cost effective.


After major hurdles in filling the current vacancies, it was important for us to fill them with suitable talent for the first time. However, we also wanted to tackle the services in the area of talent development and the career side at an early stage.

The mix at Auratel between tradition resp. long-standing establishment and the start of a new era and digital platform has strongly involved all employees. We therefore need a partner who can take the “headache” out of the whole talent acquisition process.

As is often the case in life, sometimes the good things are right on our doorstep and we came across Swisspuls rather by chance.


Right at the beginning, we introduced Swisspuls to the core of Auratel – our employees. This allowed us to quickly convey the culture and work environment. The subsequent job briefing and joint definition of the search strategy made us decide to invest in TAaaS instead of the traditional search at Swisspuls. We were convinced by the versatile concept with sustainable effect, where there is the possibility to launch on-demand talent search with customized effort. The fact that the costs are significantly lower compared to our other external search expenses was a nice side effect.

Talent branding proved to be particularly valuable in addressing candidates. In this way, Swisspuls succeeded in finding new great “contributors” for us within a given period of time.

  • Career Page
  • Candidate Data Management
  • Pre-evaluation of all active and passive candidates
  • Talent Branding


  • On-demand effective talent identification
  • Cost-saving compared to previous variants
  • Talent branding and matching
  • Total solution with quality assurance