Yapeal brings Swisspuls in-house

Thomas Hilgendorff / CEO, Yapeal

"Unique talent" drives business success and growth.

How innovative fintech startup YAPEAL finds its talent.

YAPEAL is a fintech with a financial solution that puts everything in the palm of your hand. The app offers a Swiss account, a Visa debit card, and everything needed for payments. Yapsters can pay, transfer and withdraw money on and offline worldwide. Secure, fast and simple.

CEO Thomas Hilgendorff

YAPEAL works together with Swisspuls.

YAPEAL enlisted Swisspuls to help the innovative fintech startup find its talent while ensuring the fantastic customer experience for its candidates and applicants as well.

Co-founder and CEO Thomas Hilgendorff was faced with a need for additional resources to drive the company’s sustainable growth following a successful product launch and strategic partnerships. Securing additional new hires, in one of the most competitive talent markets “Tech and Financial Services”, is a key factor for the further development of the company.

Swisspuls as a new recruitment partner and part of the community.

Within a short period of time, YAPEAL was able to welcome unique new talent that embodies YAPEAL’s “hands-on and get things done” culture.

In addition to effective talent discovery, Swisspuls’ additional services and implementations were particularly important in order to remain strongly positioned and agile in the talent market.

The following TAaaS results were key:

  • Talent-Branding
  • Career Site
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Talent-Pools
  • Unified Processes


After the successful launch of the product and the acquisition of strategic partners, the time had come to scale the team and bring new talent on board. At this point, YAPEAL, as a startup with 15 co-founders, had exhausted their own personal networks.

While YAPEAL has decidedly strong in-house expertise on the technology and product side, the company had looked to the market for a service offering when it came to talent acquisition. Agility and sustainability were the key factors here. Therefore, it was clear that a trusted partner should be involved for this important topic. This had to be done with the right tools in a short space of time.

“It was not easy to find a provider who, in addition to the talent search and culture match, could also offer the many additional aspects with long-term effects and also carry the YAPEAL story to the outside world. Through the YAPEAL network, the start-up Swisspuls was recommended and the cooperation was decided.”


In the first joint meeting, the service priorities were defined together and a roadmap was created. The Talent Acquisition-as-a-Service (TAaaS) offering was ideal for mapping out YAPEAL’s broad needs.

Thanks to the immediate launch of the talent search, very strong and suitable new candidates were found and acquired within a short period of time. Parallel to the active talent search, Swisspuls also set up a career site with the corresponding system integration. This made it possible to determine important data on talent acquisition from day one. The talent pools created and managed in the process, and the associated expansion of the Yapster community, give YAPEAL the opportunity to be even more effective in finding talent in the future.

Success story

YAPEAL enjoys an excellent response in the talent market through its partnership with Swisspuls and has been able to further strengthen its brand in talent branding.

Here are some highlights and their benefits:


  • Talent branding, cultural representation to all candidates
  • On-demand effective talent discovery
  • Cost-saving compared to alternative options
  • Establishment of all required infrastructure, career site, interview processes, onboarding, various templates, etc.
  • Equipped for the future, managed talent pools and branding

Position that were filled:

  • Software Tester
  • Marketing und Communication Allrounder
  • Web Developer
  • API Developer
  • App Developer
  • Backend Developer Python
  • Backend Developer Golang
  • Senior Backend Developer
  • Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • UX Designer