Finding talent and upscaling efficiently

Loïc Schülé
Management/Partner, Denteo AG

"What impressed me the most was that swisspuls always strove to help us find the most optimal solution."​

Denteo AG develops one of the world’s finest digital management solutions for dentists and their patients. Their product is used in over 140 clinics with hundreds of daily users. 

Having just successfully closed their Series A funding, Denteo AG was looking to continue their rapid growth in Switzerland and abroad, expanding into further markets in order to make the lives of dentists and their patients easier.

Our Situation

After closing their Series A funding round, Denteo’s CEO Loïc Schülé found himself needing to almost double the size of his team. In a short space of time and with no internal talent acquisition or hiring structure present, he needed to increase his outfit from 9 to 17 people. Up until  this point, most of the company’s hiring had been achieved through personal networks and references. But in order to be able to upscale at the speed and rate that they wanted the company felt it was time to look at external solutions.

Loïc Schülé became aware of swisspuls and their product Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS) through a trusted reference. From the outset it was very clear that TAaaS offered more than your typical recruitment service.  Instead it went a step further, offering a full service package from interviewing and systems to job slots etc.. Where swisspuls not only found the talent but ensured a full life cycle and process solution.


Here are a few statements from Loïc Schülé on how the collaboration worked:

“In the first meeting we looked at our existing processes, hiring requirements and infrastructure. Swisspuls started to support us with our job website. They then helped us to create our job descriptions, guiding us to make everything attractive and truly represent our culture.” 

“Whilst formalising the job specifications and finalising the job website, swisspuls simultaneously worked on integrating and setting up their ATS for our use. They also cooperated with us to design the job description and application pages, involving the expertise of their internal marketing specialist.”

“What impressed me the most was that swisspuls always strove to help us find the most optimal solution, advising us on best practices around hiring. Even when candidates turned down offers they kept going and made sure that the quality of the candidates we were seeing was very high. In one case they advised us to speak to a candidate who had already turned down our offer once more, giving us insights as to why this had happened – the candidate then accepted our offer.’’

Success Story

Denteo AG was able to meet their hiring needs with the right support and fill key roles within a short period of time.

Here are some highlights and their benefits:

  • Talent branding support
  • Finding talent in time
  • Integrated Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Strategic talent acquisition support
  • Multiposting and job boards
  • Interview and profile selection 
  • Candidate management

Positions that were filled:

  • Backend Developer Ruby on Rails

  • DevOps Specialist

  • Frontend Developer

  • Frontend Developer