The 5 Talent Mistakes Startups
Make And How To Solve Them

Mistake 1:

Focusing Your Hiring On
"Jack of all trades" Generalists

Mistake 2:

No Repeatable Hiring Process

Mistake 3:

Excessive Founder Reliance
In The Recruiting Process

Mistake 4:

Hiring Too Many Friends

Mistake 5:

Failing To Tell A Compelling
Company Story To Candidates

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The Startup Problem
Few People Talk About

Scaling a startup company to unicorn status takes multiple ingredients. Many startup founders start by focusing their effort on their products. Others focus their effort on fundraising to keep the lights on. Yet, these ingredients will not add up to much unless the startup has the right mix of people. As the company grows in complexity, talent becomes more important.

A startup company with strong talent and culture can rebuild/keep growing for the long term. Startup companies with weaker talent may struggle to grow. In our experience, startup founders and CEOs with 20 to 100 employees face these difficulties most frequently. Companies below that level and above that level will face these challenges to a lesser degree.

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